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Affiliate : Hassan 1st University Settat

Title of presentation : Explainable Artificial Intelligence : Foundations and Applications


Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) stands at the forefront of contemporary AI research and application, addressing the critical need for transparency and interpretability in machine learning systems. The foundation of XAI lies in elucidating the black box nature of complex machine learning models, ensuring that decisions made by AI systems are not only accurate but also understandable to human stakeholders. By employing techniques such as feature importance analysis, model transparency, and interpretability frameworks, XAI endeavors to demystify the decision-making processes of AI systems.

Beyond its theoretical underpinnings, XAI finds wide-ranging applications across various domains, including healthcare, finance, autonomous vehicles, and cybersecurity. In healthcare, for instance, XAI aids medical professionals in comprehending the rationale behind AI-driven diagnoses, enhancing collaboration and trust between man and machine. Similarly, in finance, XAI facilitates regulatory compliance by providing insights into the decision-making logic of algorithmic trading systems.

Moreover, the deployment of XAI techniques is pivotal in ensuring fairness and mitigating bias in AI systems, thereby promoting ethical AI development and deployment. Through interpretable models and transparent decision-making processes, XAI contributes to the realization of AI systems that align with societal values and norms.

Keywords: Explainable AI, XAI, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Interpretability, Applications

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Professor at FST of Settat, Hassan 1st University
since 1994

Ph.D. in Structural Modeling awarded on January 28, 1994 – University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) , France.

  • Responsible of AI Institute project at the Hassan 1st university
  • Responsible of CODE 212 Conding School project at the Hassan 1st university
  • Responsible of Huawei ICT Academy Support Center (IASC) of Morocco
  • Founding Member and Scientific Advisor of the Moroccan Association for Intelligence and Territorial Strategies (AMIST).
  • Member of the Iconomy Institute Paris, France. The President is Michel VOLLE.